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The Learning Experience Daycare


Project Specifications:

Project Area: 1 Acre
Overall Building Area: 10,000 sf
Estimated Project Cost: $2 Million
Project Completion Date: 2014

THELEARNINGEXPERIENCEDAYCARETOWNOFHUNTINGTONProject Specifications: Project Area: 1 AcreOverall Building Area: 10,000 sfEstimated Project Cost: $2 MillionProject Completion Date: 2014Project work consisted of preparation of civil site drawings for a new 10,000 SF day care facility, 5,000 SF playground and 46 parking stalls. Design work consisted of on-site sanitary disposal system, water services and back flow preventer design, storm drainage and drywell sizing calculations, site lighting, and landscaping. Use of grass pavers and dense landscaping to buffer playground noise from the adjacent residents was also incorporated in the design. Work consisted of coordination with soils and environmental engineer, project architect, traffic engineer, Tenant and Client to review plans and meet tenant requirements. The plans were prepared and filed with the Town of Huntington for approval to construct the site work, including attendance and testimony at the Town public hearing. Design costs are estimated to be $30,000