Portfolio : The Hamlet Condominium

The Hamlet Condominium


Project Specifications:

Project Area: 2.5 Acres total
Overall Building Area: 7,500 sf
Estimated Project Cost: $80,000
Project Completion Date: 2014

The project consisted of a 7,500 SF clubhouse building addition and redevelopment of a 0.5 acre parking lot, as well as the recon-struction of two gatehouses.The project scope expanded to also include a 1.5 acre pond and adjacent lawn and recreation ar-ea.The pond redevelopment included a walking trail around the pond, reconstruction of the pond boundary and edges, design of drainage swales and rain gardens, decorative lighting and fencing, redesign of the existing gazebo structure in the pond, design of new water features, and location and design for a playground ar-ea.Our services include surveying, site layout design, parking lot layout, grading and drainage design, pond redevelopment, and land-scape improvements.We worked closely with the building archi-tect and MEP consultant to coordinate the building entrances and utilities.Our work also consisted of working closely with the beautification committee formed by the homeowners association to review the plant material and pond renovation project, including preparation of colored renderings and presentations to the Board.Services also included submission to the Town Planning & Engineering Department, as well as construction administration and observation services.The project design costs are estimated at $80,000 and construction of the landscape improvements and pond restoration is still underway.