Portfolio : SUNY Stony Brook University Indoor Facility

SUNY Stony Brook University Indoor Facility


Project Specifications:

Project Area: + 2 acres Proposed Building: + 62,800SF Estimated Project Cost: 15 million Project Completion Date: June 2018

The project consisted of a new indoor practice facility for the Stony Brook Athletic Department. The project will be used by football, women’s lacrosse, men’s lacrosse and track & field. Ser-vices include coordination with Stony Brook University Maintenance and Engineering Departments as well as the Athletic Department to review infrastructure on campus in the area of the proposed work as well as to provide site engineering and design for stormwater, sanitary services and water services to the proposed building. Additional services include written specifications, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program, approval from Suffolk County Department of Health Services and the Suffolk County Department of Public Works for connection of the new facility to the SCDPW Sewage Treatment Plant.